The Climate Leaders Forum is a global events series that connects a network of pioneering business leaders who are driving meaningful action to address climate change. Speakers and participants share experiences and expertise with their peers and collaborators to develop new approaches to tackle the climate, or sustainability-related challenges their organisations face. From intimate and informal to large and cross-sectoral, events vary in topic and size to ensure business leaders get the most from the platform.

Since the first Climate Leaders Forum in late 2018, the goal has stayed the same: accelerate understanding and find solutions to the complex business challenges posed by the changing environment.

There is no one simple driver of climate change, so it follows that there is no one simple solution. Instead, partnerships, dialogue and cross-sectoral collaboration are necessary for companies devising robust responses to climate change.

Having worked with a wide range of public, private and civil sector organisations across the world to accelerate the transition to a climate-smart society for over 14 years, South Pole found that many clients were facing similar challenges. However, there was no space for these businesses to come together to discuss the issues, neither within their sector nor outside; thus the Climate Leaders Forum was created. It was designed to allow businesses, competitors and state actors to meet on neutral ground and learn from each other’s expertise, experiences, roadblocks and potential solutions. The forum is designed around collaboration, which is encouraged through inspiring expert speakers, lively round table discussions and tailored event size.