Climate Leaders Who are We?

In today’s societies, climate change is not something that can be left to governments. Political action is slow. Oftentimes, it is partisan and at the whims of electoral changes. Businesses and individuals have realised that they need to step up their game and not leave climate action to central actors.

This is where Climate Leaders step in.

A Climate Leader is someone who wants to make a difference. Someone who doesn’t accept the status quo. Someone who understands the climate challenge we are facing, as well as its implications for our planet, our ecosystems and our societies.

A Climate Leader cares. They start with themselves, identifying where they can create change. They want to learn from and be inspired by others, as the situation we are facing requires us to lock elbows and seek connected, interdisciplinary solutions.

South Pole has founded the Climate Leaders Platform as a vehicle to unite individual and organisational climate action.

The Platform acts as a springboard for solving business challenges, as well as environmental challenges through peer-to-peer networking, cooperation and the exchange of knowledge.
The Climate Leaders Platform consists of two methods of engagement:

    • The Climate Leaders Network gives its members the opportunity to achieve their sustainability targets, to learn from peers, and to constantly be exposed to and inspired by trends and developments in the sustainability space that can add value to their operations or business proposition.
    • The Climate Leaders Forum is a series of regular events hosted by South Pole. Alternating between Sydney and Melbourne, participants tap into the wisdom of a crowd of professionals in the climate and sustainability space to seek advice and develop new approaches for climate- or sustainability-related challenges they are facing in their own organisations.

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